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Insulin on Board – Data Rep Final Project

I have completed Insulin on Board, my final project for the Data Representation class at ITP. Insulin on Board is a part of Databetes, my project focused on using data to improving diabetes health outcomes. As a type-1 diabetic of 25 years, I know first-hand that patients need greater support in making all the daily decisions that affect their blood sugar control. A PDF version that shows the whole piece can be seen at

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Data Rep – Final Project

I want to use my personal diabetes data as the source for my final project. I have information from:

  1. 3 devices – insulin pump and two glucose monitors (data from two devices is available through a .csv file, the final device through a .xml file).
  2. Google doc – lists everything I have eaten this year
  3. Glycemic index – I found this spreadsheet of glycemic values posted on the blog of another diabetic @
  4. Photos – food images
  5. Exercise – I use RunKeeper and Gmap-pedometer to track my distances

I will start by focusing on the insulin and food data. If I have time, I can include the exercise information. But the medication and nutritional data is more important to me for this project.

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ITP – 1st Data Rep Assignment

For our first Data Representation project, we chose from publicly available data sets on the Guardian’s website. We were to then generate two different visualizations from the imported data. The first visualization could be straight-forward, highlighting some aspect of the readings. The second should highlight some unique characteristic of that particular data.

After trying out a few data sets, I ended up going with a breakdown of U.S. military casualties from Iraq sorted by the home state of the soldiers wounded or killed (original data set here). This is what I produced:

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