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ITP – Be Here Now final project

I worked with Courtney Mitchell and Chris Egervary on Windowsill, our final project for the Be Here Now class. The idea was to design a flower pot that also contained a bird feeder and a web-enabled camera. The camera would take pictures either at scheduled times (sunrise, noon and sunset) or when a bird came to the bird feeder (triggering a PIR sensor & the camera shutter). The pictures would then be sent to a digital picture frame. Continue reading

Interaction Analysis – Be Here Now

Earlier in the term for my Be Here Now class, I studied the interaction on the main NYU student portal. I chose this because the site is a disaster. It requires you to log in multiple times into the various unconnected systems. All of the information truly useful and necessary for an enrolled student is buried about 6 clicks in to the site. This includes Albert, where all of our class registration information is stored.

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StreetRep – Be Here Now midterm project

Over the last four weeks, I have been working with Sarah Hallacher and D.I. Shin on our midterm project for the class Be Here Now. We were tasked with developing an alternative currency or ecosystem. This type of system can be an international one like Bit Coins, which has a strange and mysterious history. It could also be modeled on an art project like the Brooklyn Torch Project, which has lead a much less exotic or productive life.

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