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“Ready to Start”

My final project for my Collective Storytelling class at ITP is called “Ready to Start.” We collected stories about people completing their first long distance race, be it marathons or triathlons. I worked with my classmate with Ryan Viglizzo, who is often my running partner for 9-15 mile runs on the weekend. He’s completed an Ironman and several marathons. I have finished two marathons myself. We chose to do audio interviews focused on why people decide to take on this big challenge for the first time.

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“Ready to Start” – Tell us your story!

Ready to Start: The stories of everyday athletes training for their first big race.

Mission Statement: Completing a marathon, triathlon or any long-distance race is never easy. Often an athlete’s first race is their hardest. “Ready to Start” tells the unique back stories of personal transformations that happen along the way.

What inspired these people to sign up for their first race? What were their goals? What kept them going during months of training towards this unknown challenge?

These stories tell of stamina and focus, “hitting the wall” and digging deep. “Ready to Start” allows experienced athletes to rejoice in their accomplishments. But most importantly, these stories inspire others to take on the challenge and reap the benefits of race training.

Tell us your story! Ryan Viglizzo & I are completing this project as part of our Collective Storytelling class at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.

Have a story to tell?

  • Please contact us at or click on to schedule an interview.
  • We can come to your location in New York City or interview you at ITP (721 Broadway, NY, NY 10003).
  • Audio interviews plus taking a photo will take about 1 hour.

The run around

O.K., I’ll admit it. I created this post simply as an excuse to re-post video of me running the Paris Marathon last year. We passed the Eiffel Tower around mile 18. It was my second marathon and I finished in 3:49!