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Insulin on Board – Data Rep Final Project

I have completed Insulin on Board, my final project for the Data Representation class at ITP. Insulin on Board is a part of Databetes, my project focused on using data to improving diabetes health outcomes. As a type-1 diabetic of 25 years, I know first-hand that patients need greater support in making all the daily decisions that affect their blood sugar control. A PDF version that shows the whole piece can be seen at

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My new Dexcom CGM

I was excited yesterday to get my new Dexcom CGM (continuous glucose monitor). This posting is my review after using it for one day.

I have been using MiniMed insulin pumps for 15+ years. I started using their CGM in February 2010. It seemed logical since their system is integrated, with CGM data transmitted to and displayed on their insulin pump. But my doctor frequently mentioned that many patients liked the Dexcom CGM better.

I finally made the switch yesterday after spending a few weeks getting the requisite insurance approvals. In general, I think the device’s functionality is quite good, but the design could be improved.

First off, the receiver is really big! Previously, my MiniMed insulin pump acted as the CGM receiver. But now I need to carry this large device. It is the same size as my Android Nexus One phone, only twice as thick. Compared to my phone and insulin pump, which perform a lot more functions in a smaller design, you would think Dexcom could produce a smaller device.


The Dexcom Seven+ CGM is on the lower left. Now I have to carry all these devices every day.


My Android phone on the left, the Dexcom CGM on the right.

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