Printing Code – Week 2

Here are two images from my second homework assignment for Printing Code. It’s a design and programming class where we work in Processing and then print out our assignments each week to display in class. This week’s assignment was to create a design with two shapes, one inspired by the word “wet” and the other “sharp.” This is the print I presented in class.


My first thought for the wet part of the assignment was picture I had seen recently of a scuba diver swimming back up to the water’s surface. I tried to create a similar feeling with a group of overlapping shapes and the curvedVertex function. For the sharp, I originally had air bubbles. But they did not look sharp enough, so I decided to mimic light waves coming through the water. Yet that wasn’t working the way I had hoped, so I ended up going more abstract with that shape. I had the function set to generate a number of lines in a for loop. I also kept track of the previous run’s x & y position. I then connected the x, y, and previous x, previous y lines in a number of different ways. I experimented with different line lengths until I got something that I liked. Most sketches I needed to run a few times, since the randomness played out differently each time. This was another design that I liked as well.