So You Say

So You Say is the project I produced for the Winter 2012 ITP show. It is a visualization produced live during the two day event based on feedback from the show’s guests.


I asked people three questions:

  1. Why did you come to the show?
  2. Where are you from (where did you grow up)?
  3. What is your favorite project in the show?

For the first question, I had 8 potential answers to choose from. Each of these were color-c0ded to a piece of string.

  • Red: “I’m supporting a friend/family member.”
  • Green: “I’m looking for inspiration/ something new.”
  • Orange: “I’m looking to hire ITP students.”
  • Dark blue: “I’m an ITP alumnus.”
  • Yellow: “I’m with the press.”
  • Purple: “I’m a student/ teacher/ work in education.”
  • Light blue: “For fun!”
  • Pink: “I’m cruising for ladies/ guys.”

I had two separate clips positioned, one for all the string from the first day of the show on Sunday and another for Monday’s data.¬†Visitors first chose their color of string, put a pin on the map for their home town, then connected that point with their favorite project.

After the show was complete, I very delicately took the project down and recorded the data. I got most of the points recorded, although a few of the strings came loose in the process. I also have gathered data from our show project database. This gives information about each project like students involved, what class it was for, keywords and some other metadata. My hope is to return to this project in the future and create another visualization (this time screen-based) where we can see and understand data about the show by category.