Collective Storytelling – Oral History feedback

Feedback for Christine:

The central voice of J-Rock in your piece is a great speaker. He does a great job of showing both sides to his personality, the single guy and the father of two. From the language to the presentation, he really nails it. The time when he changes from this supposed macho guy to explain some of the realities of his situation is the highlight of the piece.

Overall, the audio on the piece is a bit rough. There are a few edits that are a little raw, with people fading unusually. The levels could also be evened out to smooth over differences in volume between the speakers.

But overall I think it’s a nice piece. It would be great to have the piece run even a little longer and to get a deeper sense of some of the other speakers.

Feedback for Jason:

Jason, I didn’t see your audio posted on your blog.