ITP – Be Here Now – Week 1


large, human/natural graphics have a definite effect

It's amazing how immune most New Yorkers to all these colorful boxes that appear on so many intersections...

... yet a colorful chair stands out around the corner in a sea of gray.

the simple change to the design with this angled front is a subtle but effective choice.

amazing that classic cars have not been referenced effectively in modern designs.

getting in touch with nature

this design is simple, yet effective from so many different angles

the layout in no way matches the layout of the elevators. and the positioning on a wall perpendicular to the elevators also doesn't make sense. finally, why does the right side need to be so big? purely to force a symmetrical look?


I enjoyed the Paul Graham reading taste & design. Reading through it reminded me many times of the references to Apple designs. Over the break, I read Walter Isaacson’s book on Steve Jobs. Much of the themes about elegance and minimalism in that book are echoed in this reading.

In particularly, I thought of the connection between Jonathan Ive at Apple and his inspiration, the German designer Dieter Rams when reading the “Good Design is Timeless” section. Comparisons of their projects are crazy.

Reading through this article in search of the image above, it was interesting to note Ram’s 10 principles of good design:

  1. Good design is innovative
  2. Good design makes a product useful
  3. Good design is aesthetic
  4. Good design makes a product understandable
  5. Good design is unobtrusive
  6. Good design is honest
  7. Good design is long-lasting
  8. Good design is thorough down to the last detail
  9. Good design is environmentally friendly
  10. Good design is as little design as possible

I think the article has plenty of good things. It is quite interesting his mention of 15th Century Florence and how a huge number of artists emerged from this time and place.

I also like how he chose to end the article, highlighting the fact that great work is often inspired by people seeing what they think is mediocre work and thinking they could do better. With so much bad design in our midst, there is plenty to choose from.