ITP / PComp Week 2 – Fantasy Device

The device I would love to have is based on my experience as a diabetic. I would love to have a data aggregation device to easily collect my daily readings. This device would work with all brands/manufacturers and all types of medical devices. It would not require me to log into a computer, would not ask for passwords and not serve any other purpose other than collecting and transmitting data.

Right now, I have three devices by three different companies: a blood glucose monitor, insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor (CGM). I imagine the device using a finger print scanner to verify that it is me. The device would then have one “Send” button. This simple interface could allow me to aggregate my readings daily. As I imagine it, patients could be encouraged to collect all their readings before they go to bed every night, making it an easy part of their daily regimen.

Currently, my three devices require three different interfaces to download data. This includes two cables and one USB radio receiver. Two of the devices can be uploaded through a web browser on my Mac, but the CGM requires me to launch the Bootcamp partition because their software only works on a PC.

My device would have adjustable bays with removable adapters for any of the patients given devices. Should a patient switch devices, they would replace the appropriate adapter and otherwise maintain the same regimen.

Data would be encrypted and could be sent any number of ways: standard phone line, Wifi, ethernet cable or mobile phone network.