ITP / PComp – Arduino & LEDs, Week 1

I have built my first few Arduino programs for Week 1 of Intro to Physical Computing.

I began by reviewing the basic “Blink” program, then adjusting the delay time for a quicker flashing.

I then installed the push button, allowing the lights to alternate based on an open or closed circuit.

Finally, I designed my own switch. Initially, I wanted to build my own version of this (Wikipedia tells me it is called Newton’s cradle):

I didn’t built it because I couldn’t find the parts in time. But looking more at this picture, I realize I would have had a challenge isolating the current, assuming that the wires are also metal. But if I was able to replace them with string and have one of the Aduino wires connected directly to one of the spheres, it could have worked.

Instead, I rummaged around my house and built a circuit that lights up when a hanger is placed on my luggage rack.

Since the luggage rack is mostly plastic, I had to wrap wire around the rod. I also wrapped wire around the hanger for better results.