Some background: My photography

For the last 16 years, I have earned my living as a freelance photographer. During these years, I have split my time between New York City and Beijing, China. My work has been a combination of editorial assignments for international media organizations and commercial photography for corporate and advertising clients.

Closing Ceremonies at the the 2008 Beijing Olympics (for the New York Times)

The 2008 Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremony for the New York Times.

This work has been challenging, rewarding and inspiring. I’ve witnessed many historic events first-hand while on assignment. Two that immediately¬†stand out are the 2008 Beijing Olympics, which I covered for the New York Times, and the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, which I covered for AFP wire service.


My photo from 9/11 as seen on the front page of the Boston Globe Sept. 12, 2001. This man wandered through the rubble of the fallen South Tower while the North Tower still stood.

Along the way, I have spend hours and days among a wide range of people both rich and poor, working as CEOs and assembly line workers, farmers and artists, daoist priests and Presidents. To see more of my photos, please visit

Nike billboard in Beijing, 2005

My photos from a Nike "Just Do It" ad campaign in Bejing, 2005.

Midi Portraits

Portraits of fans at the Midi music festival in Beijing, 2007.

Donatella for Wallpaper

I photographed Donatella Versace and architect Jamie Fobert in Beijing for Wallpaper magazine in December, 2010.


Portraits for Fortune Small Business magazine (left) and the New York Times Magazine (right).

Gansu sunsets

Sunset photos from Gansu Province, China in June, 2010.


(left) Me and Mao, circa. 1994 during my first visit to Beijing. (center) The afternoon of 9/11, I managed to get past police lines and back down to the WTC site (Photo by Mark Lennihan). (right) On the track inside the Bird's Nest during the 2008 Olympics with New York Times sports photo editor Brad Smith and photographer Doug Mills.