Data visualization: Nicholas Felton

Feltron 2010 Annual Report

from the Feltron 2007 Annual Report by Nicholas Felton

Nicholas Feltron is uniquely capable of taking reams of data and turning it into a design that borders on art. He made a name for himself within the design community with work for clients such as Wired, the Wall Street Journal and Creative Review.

Feltron 2006 Annual Report

from the Feltron 2006 Annual Report by Nicholas Felton

But starting in 2005, he began gaining a much wider following by creating Feltron Annual Reports. These translated a year’s worth of carefully compiled personal data about his own life into beautiful graphs and charts. One year he mapped every street he walked down, another he categorized every interaction he had with friends and strangers alike.

Feltron 2007 Annual Report

from the Feltron 2007 Annual Report by Nicholas Felton

Felton then launched, a site for compiling and communicating daily data. This past April, it was announced that both he and Daytum co-founder Ryan Case were joining the Facebook product design team. While it is a shame to see them go, it will be interesting to see how they are able to spice up the otherwise uninspiring look and feel of Facebook.

Feltron 2009 Annual Report

from the Feltron 2009 Annual Report by Nicholas Felton

Outside of these mainstream applications, it would be great to see work of this caliber applied to health care. These designs make the data come alive and are truly engaging. This could help a patient feel inspired or perhaps finally understand a trend running through their readings. Managing your health shouldn’t feel like a chore. Nicholas Felton has shown that any compiled data can be both interesting to look at and provide insight into the trends hidden among individual data points.