Begin the begin

Hello everyone and thanks for reading this. I am new to this role as blogger, so please bear with me.

I plan to share with you here my thoughts on living with type-1 diabetes, health care reform, IT, data visualization, Web 2.0 services, social media and other potential ways of improving patient care. As a photographer, I am particularly intrigued by solutions with a simple, elegant design and an engaging user experience.

I selfishly await improved options for dealing with chronic conditions and improving overall health. Patient-centric innovation has been slow to develop, but seems to finally be picking up speed in recent years. Gone are the days when patients blindly trust the advice of their doctor. Today’s patients are increasingly using the Internet for self-empowerment and education. It is particularly inspiring to see many patients leading this charge by creating applications and services that address the shortfalls of HMOs, device manufacturers and pharmaceuticals.

I will share my thoughts on all these topics and more here. I hope that this conversation leads to a more dynamic and healthy landscape for us all.